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    Skilfully crafted software solutions for UK small businesses

We write great software - This is who we serve

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    We specialise in helping small organisations typically with 1-10 staff

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    Customers who might welcome help with clarifying their needs and exploring what might be possible

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    Customers who often need to achieve a lot with a limited budget

Some examples of how we can help

Save time or reduce costs through automation

Save time or reduce costs through automation

e.g. Transferring orders from your order processing software directly to your accounting software.

Curating your data

Curating your data

e.g. Bringing together and "cleaning" customer data that you've derived from a variety of sources.

Supporting better decision making

Supporting better decision making

e.g. Interrogating your sales information to determine seasonal trends, best return on investment, sales velocity, etc.

Building public profile on the Internet

Building public profile on the Internet

e.g. Managing an automatic mailing list, building a website suitable for phones and tablets, developing an "app".

How we work

We operate from a base in beautiful Lincoln, England

We welcome business from anywhere in mainland UK

We love remote working and contain meeting costs by using a range of communications tools

No task too small! We understand that sometimes you just need a quick fix

How we deliver great value

People working together at a desk

Initial discussions

We are happy spending time discussing options and fully clarifying your needs at no charge.

A calculator being used to work some numbers

Early numbers

We can give you indicative costs right from the first conversation.

Piggy bank

Keeping costs low

To keep costs low we recommend existing packages or services where available. These are often free or low cost and we tailor them to your needs.

Hand drawn initial sketch of a website design

Clarifying your needs

It's often useful to see mock-ups and prototypes before finalising a design. We welcome the opportunity to work iteratively with you to get the solution that really helps.

Coffee and a bill

No surprises

We give you clear costs in writing including what we will do if your requirements change.

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